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Everything you need to know about the Volvo V90

Added: 21 September 2018

The Volvo V90 is an estate car that was designed to break the mould. It combines all the functionality that you would expect from a reliable family car with the sleek design of a premium model, Here is everything you need to know about the new Volvo V90.

It has plenty of space

If passenger comfort is a priority, it will be hard to beat the Volvo V90. Everybody gets to enjoy a very generous amount of legroom so there will be no fighting for the front seat.

Behind the Volvo V90’s five seats sits a large, spacious boot. With a 560-litre load capacity, you won’t have to worry about travelling light because there’s room for plenty of bags on board. And if that’s still not roomy enough, the load compartment can extend to 1526 litres when the rear backrests are pushed down.

It’s a safe and responsible drive

Unlike other family-friendly cars, which can quickly burn through fuel and leave a heavy carbon footprint, the Volvo V90 boasts very low CO2 emissions. As well as offering a fuel-efficient drive, it also comes with extra technology to increase both efficiency and comfort.

The V90’s Pilot Assist technology keeps the car at a set speed and maintains a consistent distance from the car in front, which is particularly helpful on motorways and fast roads. It also comes with safety technology that detects hazards such as pedestrians, other vehicles and animals on the road.

It embodies practical luxury

With the Volvo V90, you really can have it all. Combining Volvo’s renowned functionality and reliability with an elegant design, it’s a well-rounded luxury estate that lacks very little. The V90 is a sleek and sophisticated car that doesn’t compromise on form or function, resulting in a first class driving experience.

Its technology is intuitive

Car technology is improving rapidly, but unfortunately that sometimes comes at the cost of usability. The Volvo V90 is a user-friendly vehicle with intuitive technology that will only makes the driver’s life easier. It’s these little additions that make a big difference the driving experience, making the driver feel more comfortable and more in control at all times.

The digital driver display automatically adjusts to adapt to different lighting situations and avoid putting unnecessary strain on your eyes. If you prefer, this can even be set to project onto the windscreen with the optional heads-up display mode. The in-car environment, including heating and air conditioning, can be controlled by voice recognition. This is also the case for media, navigation and more.

You can make it your personal assistant

The Volvo V90 makes driving as simple and stress-free as possible, and the Volvo On Call app takes this to a whole new level by acting as a personal driving assistant. Once connected to your phone, table or wearable device, you’ll be able to locate, lock, unlock, heat, cool and update the navigation in your car instantly.

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