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Top Reasons Why Your Car Might Fail An MOT

Added: 25 July 2017

If your car is three years or older then you need to get an MOT for it on an annual basis. An MOT tests all important components on your car and ensures that it is safe to be out on the roads. A study carried out by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency in 2016 revealed that almost 50% of all faults identified on an MOT could have been avoided if simple maintenance had been carried out beforehand. Here are the top reasons your car could fail its MOT and the steps you need to take to avoid them!

car MOT

Car Lights and Indicators

A quick and simple fix that could be the difference between your car passing and failing its MOT is your headlight and indicator bulbs. A blown bulb may not seem like much of an issue however they are important to alert other drivers to your presence and if you have any intentions of pulling into or out of a junction on the road. Replacement bulbs won’t cost the earth and are easy to fit if you know your way around your car. If not your local garage can fit them easily for you.

Tyre Condition

Ideally you should be checking your tyres on a weekly basis to make sure they’re road worthy. There are a few things you should check before heading for an MOT. Have a look in your vehicle handbook at what the tyre pressure should be and then make sure they are inflated correctly. Tyres that are underinflated or overinflated have a higher risk of failing while driving and they also increase your fuel consumption. You also need to check the general condition of your tyres ensuring there are no cuts, bulges or tears. Lastly you need to check the tread on your tyres. The tread is what grips your car to the road and if they are worn too much you won’t be able to keep in safe control of your car. The legal tread limit on tyres is 1.6mm so make sure your tyre tread is above this before heading for your MOT. Tyres with any of the mentioned faults will quickly lead to an MOT failure, leaving you both off the road and out of pocket.

Brake Checks

One in ten MOT failures are down to brake issues. Although your brakes will be checked during your annual service it is important to look and listen out for any problems when you’re out on the road. If when your brakes are applied you hear a noise that shouldn’t be happening or your vehicle pulls to one side it is important to get booked into your local garage straight away. Faulty brakes are both dangerous and will also fail your MOT, so get them checked!

Is Your Windscreen Clear?

Another issue that could result in a failed MOT is whether your windscreen is clear or not. During an MOT your windscreen wipers will be tested, if they don’t fully clear your windscreen then your car could fail. Replacement windscreen wipers are fairly cheap, and even those with very basic car maintenance will be able to change them. It is also important to remember that any objects such as air fresheners that are hanging from the rear view mirror could also mean a failed MOT, so take care!

Registration Plate Lamps

It is also important to ensure that the bulbs that light your registration plate are working correctly. Broken bulbs can result in a fail so just give these a check before your car goes for an MOT! While you’re checking the bulbs make sure your number plate is also clean enough for it to be easily read if the rear number plate is too dirty it could result in you being pulled over by the police!

Book A Service

If you’ve got your MOT coming up we would recommend booking your car in for a service, you can do this in a few easy steps on our website. Having your car serviced will able you to identify any potential issues that could result in an MOT failure and give you time to rectify them. More importantly, it’ll keep you, your passengers and other road users safe! Book your car in for its MOT or Service at any Dinnages Garages here.

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