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Parking Fines - Know Your Rights | Appeal A Parking Ticket

Added: 22 May 2018

You’ve returned to your car to find a parking ticket on the dashboard and are probably feeling pretty angry or frustrated. It’s a situation almost every driver finds themselves in at some point in their life, but do you know what you should do if you receive a parking ticket? Do you have to pay the parking fine or can you appeal against it?

Parking fines and appealing parking tickets

When to appeal a parking fine

Although your chances of success will likely not be high, you may be able to appeal a parking ticket in certain situations. This is most likely to be successful if the rules are not obvious, for example if the markings are unclear or there are no signs telling you your parking rights. Instances when you may be able to challenge a parking ticket include:

?     If the fine is for an amount greater than the issuing authority is allowed to fine for

?     If you were not the driver of the car at the time when the parking fine was issued

?     If your car had broken down

?     If you had to stop driving for a medical condition or another emergency

If you were obviously in the wrong - for example, by parking at a bus stop or on single or double yellows lines - there’s little point in appealing a parking fine and it’s best to pay as quickly as possible. If you pay a parking fine within two weeks, the charge will usually be halved.

Private parking tickets

If you receive a private parking ticket from a supermarket, school or other non-public body, it may be easier to challenge the fine. If the company is a member of the BPA, they can obtain your information from the DVLA in order to chase you for the parking charge. If not, they have little power to follow up on the parking charge.

How to appeal a parking ticket

If you do decide to appeal a parking ticket, there’s no guarantee that your parking fine will be waived, but there’s little harm in appealing a ticket for an innocent mistake or ambiguous situation.

It’s best to act as quickly as possible after receiving the parking fine since your fine will be halved if you pay it in the first two weeks. The first stage of the appeal process is an informal appeal and it’s also best to submit this as early as possible and within this time. This way, even if your appeal is rejected - as 50% of claims are! - you may still have the option of paying the lower fee.

After the informal appeal, there are usually two more stages: a formal appeal followed by an appeal to the Independent Tribunal. This process can be long-winded and difficult, so it may be easier to simply pay the fine if it is for a small amount.

If you do decide to challenge a parking fine, make sure you keep hold of any letters or correspondence regarding the fine, along with photographs from the scene and the surrounding areas, witness contact details and evidence of any mitigating circumst

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