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The New Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid

Added: 15 January 2019

Ford has announced that a hybrid version of the popular Mondeo Estate is due to go on sale f

or the first time ever this year. The new model will be introduced as part of the car manufacturer’s 2019 refresh of its hybrid model, offering a more environmentally friendly and efficient drive for Ford owners who don’t want to compromise on space.

Offering all the same benefits as the petrol engine Ford Mondeo Estate, the hybrid model gives Ford owners the chance to experience a cleaner drive and brings the trusted estate into the future. Here is everything you need to know about the new Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid and what you can expect to see when it goes on sale this year.

Same car, greater fuel efficiency

Ford’s best-selling Mondeo Estate will benefit from better fuel efficiency than ever before with the new hybrid update. The new hybrid version of the Ford Mondeo is essentially the same estate car with an added electric powertrain.

Available in the four-door saloon body style, the Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid will come with the same sleek exterior and spacious interior as the original model. With all the same design features and advanced technology, you’ll get the same enjoyable drive, only with greater fuel efficiency than before.

The best of both worlds

The new Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid benefits from a 2.0 litre petrol engine that has been designed specifically for the new hybrid model. It’s joined by an advanced electric motor that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery. This lightweight battery has a power consumption of 1.4kWh and is enough to take you on any short journey. It’s part of the car's state of the art self-charging system and means you never need to worry about plugging in to recharge.

A smart car

When you need to venture further afield, the powerful petrol engine will make sure you get where you need to go. And thanks to the smart technology built into the Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid, your car will know which engine is best to use and respond accordingly. This useful feature is one of the reasons this hybrid vehicle has an impressive fuel consumption rate of 58.9 miles per gallon. 

Regenerative Braking

The Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid’s new Regenerative Braking system makes for an even more efficient drive. By capturing up to 90% of the energy that’s normally lost through friction brakes, the hybrid can use recycled energy to recharge the vehicle’s high-voltage battery. 

10 colours to choose from

The new Ford Mondeo Estate Hybrid comes in a range of stylish paint colours. From a classic Blazer Blue to the eye-catching Ruby Red, you can choose a colour to suit your personality.

Redesigned instrument cluster

Like the exterior, there isn’t much different on the inside of the hybrid Mondeo. The one main update you will notice is the prominence of the speedometer. As well as displaying your car’s speed, the hybrid Mondeo’s speedometer will update you on how much power you’re consuming or generating. With all the focus on the speedometer, it makes for a much less cluttered layout and a nice reminder of the energy and fuel savings you’re making.

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