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All you need to know about buying a Motability vehicle from Ford

Added: 06 August 2018

The Ford Motability scheme has been helping drivers with disabilities gain both mobility and independence since 1977. Here’s everything you need to know about Ford Motability, including how to apply and the main benefits of the scheme.

What is the Ford Motability scheme?

Ford Motability is an initiative designed to give disabled people more freedom and independence by allowing them to lease a car using their disability benefit. The vehicle can also be used by a family member or carer who will drive on the benefit receiver’s behalf.

The Motability scheme has been running for more than 40 years now and, as one of the founding motor manufacturers, Ford has been helping since the beginning. As a trusted Ford dealership, Dinnages is able to offer Ford Motability on a number of award-winning cars at our Ford showrooms in Sussex.

Benefits of buying a Ford car on Motability

There are many benefits to buying a Ford vehicle through the Motability scheme, including:

A straightforward application process. Unlike some schemes, Motability has been designed to be as simple as possible.

Assistance from a Motability Specialist. Each applicant of the Motability scheme has access to a Motability Specialist to help them through the process. This Specialist can help take care of paperwork and procedures, so the applicant doesn’t have to worry about dealing with contracts and other admin.

A new vehicle every three years. Once you have been accepted on the Motability scheme, you are entitled to a brand new car every three years (as long as you’re still eligible for Motability). That means you can enjoy the latest Ford models regularly.

A vehicle adapted specifically for you and your needs. If you need any adaptations to the vehicle, your Motability Specialist will make sure any necessary modifications are put in place.

Extras included. Motability vehicles come with insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing and maintenance, annual road tax, windscreen replacement and replacement tyres, so you don’t have to worry about seeing to all the extras yourself.

Two named drivers. Every Ford car leased under the Motability scheme can have two named drivers.

How to buy a motability vehicle from Ford

When applying for Ford Motability with Dinnages, you’ll get to speak to a Ford Motability Specialist who can help you through the process. Your Specialist can advise you on the best Ford car for you based on your personal circumstances and needs. Once you’ve found a car that looks promising, they can arrange a test drive or home visit.

Once you’ve chosen a car, your Motability Specialist will set up an agreement online. At this stage, the price of the car is locked in and you can begin making plans for any adaptations or special requests needed to make the car fit for your needs.

Your eligibility for the scheme will be checked with the government at this stage too. Once we’ve received confirmation that you are eligible, your order can be placed and you will receive your new Motability vehicle.

Get in touch or visit one of our Ford dealerships in Sussex to find out how Dinnages can help you lease a car through the Ford Motability scheme today.

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