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Why you need the new Ford Transit (mild hybrid electric vehicle)

Added: 30 January 2019

new Transit Custom mHEV Blue

Since the eagerly anticipated plug-in hybrid electric Ford Transit (PHEV) was announced in 2017, all eyes have been on Ford’s efforts to electrify its commercial offering. The plug-in hybrid Ford Transit was the first of its kind, with no other manufacturers working on a hybrid vehicle for commercial purposes at the time. Now, it’s the turn of the mild hybrid electric Ford Transit (mHEV).

The new 2019 Ford Transit features a new engine includes a diesel-electronic mHEV hybrid system, offering a convenient alternative to the Ford Transit PHEV. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Ford Transit and how it could help your business.

It’s the first of its kind

Ford has never been afraid to break boundaries, and the multinational manufacturer is now bringing that approach to its commercial line of vans. The new mild hybrid engine isn’t just a first for the Ford Transit, but also makes the Ford Transit the first medium van to feature a mild hybrid system.

A cleaner way to do business

New Transit Custom mHEV Battery

The new Transit Custom mHEV shares and benefits from the same technology as the Ford Transit PHEV. Byrecovering and storing energy that would otherwise be lost, the van can use recycled energy from the battery to power its electrical components. The energy used for manoeuvres such as slowing down can be stored in the 48V lithium ion battery and re-used as and when you need it. By using the energy in this way, the new Ford Transit consumes less fuel and offers a cleaner drive than ever before.

A commercial van serving your business needs

Side Profile of New Transit Custom mHEV Blue

Being able to save energy is great, but what you really need is a van that works with your business. The Ford Transit mHEV still has all the great functionality you expect from a Ford commercial van, with features to cover every need.

The Ford Transit’s on-board telematics are getting an upgrade, with a 4G WiFi modem and extra safety features being added, so your van will be even better equipped to help carry out business. Whether it’s just you or an entire team, the upgraded safety features will keep everyone safe while they carry out their duties. They include Active Park Assist, a Lane Keeping Aid and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. If you ever need to pull a trailer, the new Blind Spot Information System can monitor trailers up to 10m in length, so you’ll always have peace of mind while driving.

Assistance when you need it

Unlike the full hybrid PHEV, the mild hybrid Ford Transit can’t be driven as a purely electricvehicle. Instead, its engine is assisted by an electric motor that kicks in when you need it. That means that the internal combustion engine can switch itself off when the van is stationary or travelling at a low speed. The 48V starter-generator can restart it when needed and, because it recharges as you brake, you never need to plug it in to a power source. It’s the ultimate option for convenience, giving you all the cost-effective benefits without any extra work. 

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