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The All New Ford Kuga is coming

Added: 12 November 2019

All new Ford Kuga

The Ford Puma isn’t the only new Ford car worth getting excited about right now. As the end of 2019 approaches, Ford has another new model ready to hit the road: the all new Ford Kuga. The new version promises to combine elegance with tough capability, making it the most exciting Kuga yet. Here is everything you need to know about the all new Ford Kuga ahead of its upcoming release.

Redesigned and ready to go

New design for Ford Kuga - also available as a plug-in Hybrid

One of the first things you may notice about the new Ford Kuga is its striking design. It’s the most streamlined version yet, with the all new Ford Kuga weighing 90kg lighter than the model it replaces. Despite this, the newer model is 10% more rigid than the outgoing model, making it the most agile Kuga yet and an enjoyable car to drive.

Ready for anything

Ford Kuga's dynamic interior can be adapted to suit your needs

The all new Ford Kuga has been designed to be ready for anything. This is something that’s apparent in its dynamic interior, which can be adapted to suit your needs. With rear seats that slide backwards and forwards with ease, the all new Ford Kuga’s flexible seating can adapt to increase boot space when you need to carry more or provide extra leg room for the rear passengers when you’re not using the boot. Its clever interior gives you as much freedom as possible and allows you to configure the Kuga for whatever journey it’s taking you on.

Available as a Plug In Hybrid

New Ford Kuga available as a plug-in Hybrid

For the first time ever, the Ford Kuga will be available as a plug in hybrid model. Drawing from two different sources of power, the all new Ford Kuga plug in hybrid is more efficient than ever before. The new model uses an advanced electric powertrain in combination with a 2.5 litre Duratec petrol engine. When you’re driving around town or travelling short distances, the electric powertrain can power your entire journey. That means you can enjoy emission free shorter trips and save your fuel for longer journeys. When you do need to travel a little further afield, the Duratec petrol engine helps recharge the battery in the process.

A world of connectivity

New Ford Kuga connectivity dashboard  and screen

The all new Ford Kuga is the most connected yet, with a wide range of technology features designed to keep you safe and make every drive easier. Driving in a Kuga has never been more enjoyable thanks to Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which keeps you travelling at your chosen speed, and a built-in RADAR sensor to make sure you always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. A Lane Keeping System helps prevent any unintentional drifts over the edge of your lane, making longer journeys more convenient than ever before.

Inside the all new Ford Kuga, you’ll find a range of up to date technologies. The Ford Kuga is now available with Ford’s FordPass Connect technology, which provides a whole new range of features and technologies. These include WiFi hotspot technology, real-time traffic updates and the ability to lock, unlock and start the engine remotely.

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