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Everything you need to know about the Ford Fiesta Van

Added: 22 January 2020

Ford Fiesta Van - side view

The Ford Fiesta van is a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds. While it promises the performance and driving experience of the best-selling Ford Fiesta car, the driver can enjoy all the practicality of a van. The result? A fun and functional vehicle that’s geared up for almost any situation, which is also available in a sports edition. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Ford Fiesta van and and Ford Fiesta Sport Van:

Fun to drive dynamics

Ford Fiesta Interior

The Ford Fiesta van is the smallest van in the Ford van line-up, making it a swift and nimble option for drivers who want to have fun without compromising on space and practicality.

As well as being a fun van to drive, the Ford Fiesta van is also a very economical choice. The in-built cruise control comes with an Adjustable Speed Limiter with Intelligent Speed Assist. This handy feature makes sure your Ford Fiesta van remains within  your chosen speed limit and saves you fuel in the process. The Fiesta van comes with an option that will also recognise speed limit road signs and adjust your speed accordingly, reducing your chances of speeding.

Sporty, head turning design

Ford Fiesta Van

It’s hard not to notice the Ford Fiesta van’s impressively good looks. Based on the multi-award winning Ford Fiesta car, it may just be the most stylish van that the UK roads have ever seen. Design is at the core of the Sport model, which boasts a unique front and rear design treatment, as well as 17 inch alloy and colour-coded rocker panels on the outside. On the inside, revised seats and trim materials add a unique, sporty touch.

These design features are all complemented by LED daytime running lights which, like many of the Ford Fiesta van’s features, combine both style and functionality at the same time. They are highly energy efficient, too, so there’s no need to worry about any added running costs.

All the practicality of a van

Inside of Ford Fiesta Van

The Ford Fiesta van comes with a generous load space. With a 0.96 cubic metre rear load capacity, it’s surprisingly spacious for such a compact vehicle. In the back, you will also find a full load rubber mat on the floor plus four tie-down points that have been positioned usefully, meaning you can get everything from point A to point B safely and securely.

With such a well-designed rear load space, you never need to worry about things moving around or becoming damaged while you’re driving around - even if you do put the driving dynamics to the test!

Safety and technology

The Ford Fiesta van isn’t just a pretty ride - it’s also packed with technology to make every drive easier and safer. The Driver Alert System is a great example of one such feature. This clever technology (which can be added as an option) constantly monitors your driving behaviour in order to detect any changes. If it spots any behavioural changes that could be caused by fatigue, it will alert you with a warning icon on the display, and will continue  to alert you if your alertness declines any further.

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