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Ford Fiesta gains maximum 5 star safety rating & what it means

Added: 15 September 2017

Red Ford Fiesta

The Safety Report

The new Fiesta received an overall 5 star rating by Euro NCAP, meaning the car has good practices in place to minimise potential injuries and accidents. By getting this rating, the car has been proved to utilise good features that lower whiplash, car-to-car-side impact, and frontal impact. These features were shown to be positive in the crash test as the Fiesta was given 64% in pedestrian protection, due to the safe build and shape of the framework. The report also found 84% ‘good’ in child occupancy safety, and 87% ‘good’ in adult occupancy safety. As “The latest Euro NCAP safety standards are more stringent than ever, with new emphasis place on technologies that can help drivers avoid accidents” (Ford Vice President, Joe Bakaj), the Fiesta demonstrates it earns its 5 star rating after receiving top rankings for each category tested.

<img width="767" data-cke-saved-src="" src="" style="font-size: 10pt; style=" width:100%;"="" alt="Fiesta on the road">

What does it mean?

As Ford offers a wide range of the Fiesta models, it means there are multiple options for customers to buy with the 5 star safety vehicle, including the new Titanium, Zetec, and Style which are all currently on sale. This allows drivers to buy a car knowing it will prevent them from harm, and keep them up-to-date with the latest automotive technology, whilst looking stylish on the road. These results from the Euro NCAP crash test show the true reliability and security of Ford cars, so drivers can be fully reassured their vehicle will protect them during every drive.

Find out more about the stunning new Ford Fiesta here!

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