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The Best Driving Apps & In Car Gadgets

Added: 04 September 2017

Motorists are always looking for little things that will make their journey that little bit less stressful. Luckily there are a whole host of phone apps and in car gadgets that are available, most of them at a low cost too! Here’s our top picks:


If you drive a Ford then you’ll want to download the FordPass app. This handy tool has everything you need right in the palm of your hand. Find parking spaces, book your next service, view your warranty cover and keep up to date with your finance package. The app also delivers real-time updates so you can get from A to B in the quickest time possible. If you own the 2017 Ford Escape, Fusion or F-150 you’ll also be able to start your engine from the app and check your fuel levels. We think this will be super handy when the winter mornings draw in!


Don’t own a Ford? This free app is super handy for those who regularly need to find somewhere to park in busy towns and cities. AppyParking shows the nearest car parks, and off-street car parking spots to your location. It also tells you how much the hourly parking rate is and other information such as how many hours a day the car park is open for.


Although this app is primarily aimed at cyclists and pedestrians it’s also handy for drivers too. If your phone detects a sudden stop in motion, i.e. a crash it will automatically call the centre who will contact the emergency services. Grdian costs just 99p a month and is handy for those who want peace of mind, just in case the worst should happen.


Going on a group road trip? Then you’ll want to download the Roadtrippers app. You can calculate your route and the app will suggest landmarks to visit on your way, as well as nearby accommodation and places to eat too. You can also share your saved routes with friends and they can make they own amendments and changes to the route as well. You’ll want to download this in time for your next adventure! You can download all of these apps from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Phone Mount

We’d recommend getting yourself a sturdy phone mount, so you can safely store your phone while on the go. It’ll also mean you can use it as a sat nav without breaking the law!


Dashcams are coming in pretty handy for many drivers, especially for commercial use. Dashcam footage has helped many drivers when providing evidence in the event of a car accident, so it might be worth investing in one to give you peace of mind!

Fobo Tire Plus

If you are driving a lot of miles each week then we would recommend investing in Fobo Tire Plus. It may seem pricey at around the £100 mark but it’s a great bit of kit. You simply fit a sensor to each tyre, which then feeds back to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. It keeps you updated on your tyre pressure and alerts you when you need to top up the air.

Jump Starter Kit

So you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and your battery is dead, and there are no cars around to help you jump start it. That’s where this handy piece of equipment comes in, for around £50 you can keep it stored in the boot and jump start your car in just a few easy steps. It’s compact too, so it won’t take up too much space!

Car Genie

A new piece of equipment from The AA, Car Genie designed to give you piece of mind wherever you’re going. Car Genie monitors your car battery, so you aren’t met with any flat battery surprises! If the worst should happen and you’re involved in an accident it automatically contacts The AA, so they can be on hand to help. And should you forget where you’ve parked your vehicle it tracks the location so you can find it again via the app on your phone. Car Genie is available to AA members for just £29 a year. 

With the advancement of technology we expect there to be lots of new exciting apps and car gadgets coming onto the market in the near future. Driving has never been so stress free!

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