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5 reasons to buy the new Ford Transit Custom PHEV

Added: 26 September 2019

Ford Transit Hybrid

The new Ford Transit Custom PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric van that combines impressive driving dynamics with never seen before efficiency. Designed to help you be as productive as possible, here is everything you need to know about the new Ford Transit Custom PHEV.

1 - A van that works with you

Ford Transit Custom Rear doors and space

Everything about the new Ford Transit Custom PHEV has been designed to help you work smarter - not harder. The hybrid electric van has a massive load capacity of 1000kg and six cubic metres of space. That’s enough room for standard 8’ x 4’ boards or three euro pallets flat on the floor, so you never need to worry about fitting everything you need inside. It also comes with an impressive 355Nm of torque while the multi award winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine delivers 126PS of horsepower to get you where you need to go.

2 - An efficient drive every time

Ford Transit Custom PHEV

Alongside the traditional diesel engine, the new Ford Transit Custom PHEV uses an advanced electric powertrain which can power shorter journeys. One full charge will give you enough electricity to travel up to 31 miles (50 kilometres), making it an incredibly efficient vehicle for shorter journeys. On longer journeys, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine can step in and increase the van’s range to more than 310 miles. During this time, regenerative braking recharges the battery so you can switch back to using electric only power once it’s full. Whether you’re using the Ford Transit Custom PHEV to get around the city or travelling further afield, you can benefit from the fuel and cost savings that the electric motor provides.

3 - The nation’s favourite commercial vehicle

Ford Transit Custom Side Door

The Ford Transit is the UK’s favourite commercial vehicle for a reason. Now, the hybrid electric Ford Transit Custom PHEV means you can enjoy all of the great features that make the Ford Transit so desirable with reduced carbon emissions. The new Ford Transit Custom PHEV has the widest side load door-opening of any vehicle and clever dimensions, meaning it only makes your job easier.

4 - The same great van - but electric

Interior Ford Transit Custom PHEV

On the inside, the plug-in hybrid version of the new Ford Transit Custom is almost identical to the latest diesel-only model. With the same dimensions and set-up, the only difference you might notice is the small display mounted on the dashboard and some additional buttons on the roof.

5 - A dynamic driving experience

Ford Transit Custom workmen

When it comes to driving, the difference is much more noticeable. The Ford Transit Custom PHEV comes with four driving modes to control how much the petrol engine is used, from the full-electric “EV Now” mode to “EV Later” which conserves the electric power. The addition of the electric motor means the Ford Transit Custom PHEV is also much quieter than the non-electric version, making for an almost silent drive. The only time this changes is when the petrol engine kicks in or when the van produces a synthesised humming sound to alert pedestrians of its presence - something that only happens when travelling at low speeds. 

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